Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I wanted to provide just a couple of final thoughts for any who have been following my latest bicycle trek. It is difficult to share the great sense of comaraderie that develops with the other riders on a trip like this. You probably sensed from the fact most of us rode together on the last day that we had greatly enjoyed each others company, and didn't want it to end. You really have to be part of it to fully understand. I heartily recommend a bike trek to all of you.
Secondly, I want to commend America by Bicycle to you. This is my second trip with them, with two different sets of ride leaders. Both rides were very well done, and a pleasure to be a part of. If you want a great trip, and don't want to camp, go with AbB.
Finally, I really enjoyed Ride the West. I was fairly familiar with many of the locations, having been raised in Western Washington and lived many years in Central and Southern California. I must say, though, that you really get a different perspective on these spots from the seat of your bike. I truly believe it is some of the finest country and scenery in the U.S.A., and probably the entire world, and what a way to see it!
So, until my next great adventure, I am signing off for now. I hope you enjoyed the trip, and that some of you will consider a similar ride in the future.

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