Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AAN Day 9 - Day Off in Boise

Daily Statistics: 0 bicycle miles and lots of calories consumed!

Boise turned out to be a great place for a day off. As the first photo shows, some people spent some initial time cleaning and adjusting their bicycles for the next leg. Mike Munk, our ride leader, is showing Dan and Gerard a few fine points. Our mechanic, Jim Benson is in the apron to the rear. Both he and Mike can do almost anything to keep a bike on the road.
I spent the day doing laundry, taking a very nice trolley tour of the town, going to Knight and Day with my roomie, and generally relaxing before we head out tomorrow. I promised to start introducing some of the riders, so I am starting with some of the ones I have already talked about.

The first and most important is my roommate, Bill Bibler, 65, a retired 30 year Navy man (also retired from the schools) from Colorado Springs.

I mentioned John Langhans, a 65 year old retired actuary from Northport, Maine, who is here with his wife, Dereka Smith. I had a good time on the 117 mile day riding with him.

Next is Gary (53) and Margot (50) Weinstein. I have ridden with Gary a couple of days, and Margot has joined us when she slows down. Gary works for an equity firm, buying up companies, improving them, and selling at a profit.

I mentioned our father and son team, Matt (16) and Michael (40's) Louis. They are from Redondo Beach, CA.

I caught our Swiss contingent on a day they were wearing the colors. Daniel Bieri and Bruno Schar are very capable riders (they pass me a couple of times a day) who I peg to be 40ish. Daniel is married to an American gal.

I will finish this group with Gale Kerns and Carl Heltne from Duluth, Minnesota and Barnes, Wisconsin respectively. I know Carl is 63. They left us today, as they only signed up for this segment. They are physicians, and were great guys, who were generally in the back of the pack.
I can't end my segment on Boise without a shot of the Boise State Stadium and the famous Smurf Turf. It is as blue as it looks on TV. Enough for my day of relaxation. I will update you on the riding tomorrow, as we head to Mountain Home.

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