Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AAN Day 45 - Henrietta to Liverpool, NY

Daily Statistics:
Mileage: 95.4 miles Average Speed: 15.7 mph
Vertical: 2047 feet Depart: 5:59 AM Arrive: 12:25 PM
Calories: 6256

Link to Garmin ROUTE DATA

Today I must start with the events of last evening. I was blessed to have Gene and Jane Emborsky come visit. Some of you may remember them from the Cross Country Challenge in 2007. They are both great riders and great people. They rescued me from a pizza buffet courtesy of AbB, and took me to Delmonico's Steakhouse instead. We had a very nice visit, and it was a real pleasure to see them.

Today was a very good day on the bicycle trail. We were able to get on the road a little earlier, which I really appreciate. For my money, all the best riding is in the early morning. About six miles into the ride, we got on the Erie Canalway Trail. We stayed on it for just over 20 miles. Most of it was unpaved, but it was generally as you see here. A nice path along the water, with trees and wildlife.
We entered the trail at Lock 33, seen here. I was not fortunate enough to come along when any of the locks were raising or lowering boats, but some of the other riders said they saw some, and the water raises quite quickly.
The other thing along the trail was a lot of wildlife. Here you see 3 deer that let me get relatively close for a picture. There were also a ton of ducks and a bunch of geese as well. They must be well protected, because they sure weren't worried about people.
The other notable thing I saw along the trail was 3 different eight man sculls. They are a real pleasure to watch skim along the water. There were 2 male crews and one female crew.

After we left the trail, we still followed the canal for a quite a way along the road. We were on NY Route 31 for over 50 miles today. It is generally a very good road, with nice smooth shoulders much of the way. This took us through a series of small towns, including Palmyra (where Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon), Lyons, Clyde, Tyre, Montezuma, Port Byron, Weedsport, Jordan, and others. We finally turned on Rt 173 and made our way the last 14 miles in to town and the motel. I think we are on the route from 2007 for the rest of the way.

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