Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ride the West Day 1 - Astoria to Tillamook

Days Statistics
Mileage: 67.8
Vertical Gain:  3947 feet
Calories Burned:  2306

Link to Garmin Data

Today started another new adventure on the bicycle.  I will be bicycling from Astoria, OR to San Francisco, CA over the next two weeks.  One of the neat things about this ride is that half the riders were on Across America North with me in 2010.  The photo below shows this group of alumni from 2010.  We are all very excited and please to be on the road together again.  This is a repeat for me of a ride I did in 2008 (when I did the whole thing down to Costa Mesa).  This time I am settling for the first two legs.

We got off to a nice start on a beautiful day.  It was probably low 50s at the start, and low 70s at the finish.  One of the first stops was in Seaside, where we found the Lewis and Clark statue as we reached the beach.  The building in the background, interestingly enough, is where I will spend Christmas with my brother, sister, and kids/grandkids.  My brother, the king of timeshares, has arranged a beautiful suite there.

The views along the beach are terrific.  This is haystack rock, one of the more photographed rocks along the way.  

Another fun thing in this part of the country is the chain saw art that you will find.  I stopped and took a shot of this one.

Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died before I had taken all the shots I wanted.  I will do better tomorrow.  We went through a number of cute little towns (including Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler, Rockaway Beach, Garabaldi).  Gary and I stopped at a small town carnival in Rockaway Beach.  It was most interesting.  I took a couple of shots at the folks in the dunk tub, but my arms were too tight from riding, and I wasn't even close.  We also toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory when we got to town.

Overall, this looks like it will be a fun ride, with lots of great old timers, and a good mix of new folks.  My old buddy Herb Schon, now over 80, is also along for the trip.

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