Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ride the West Day 5 - Bandon to Gold Beach

Daily Statistics
Mileage:  57.6
Vertical Gain:  2903 feet
Calories Burned:  1835

Link to Garmin Route Data

Today was another foggy day on the coast.  In spite of that, when we came to Face Rock, less than two miles into the ride, you could plainly make out the face.  I hope you can as well.

Face Rock
 We had our first SAG about 28 miles in, and were on 101 most of the way.  It was fairly easy going, and actually the cool conditions made for my kind of riding.  The SAG was at Battle Rock Historic Wayside.  In the 1850s, a Captain and 9 soldiers were kept under siege for about a week before they escaped in the dark of night.  They came back with over 70 troops and routed the Indians and set up a settlement.  Things were not always fair for the natives.  Here is Battle Rock.

Battle Rock
After a little climbing in the area of Humbug Mountain, including a nasty little section of construction, we came into the Gold Beach area on the Old Coast Road.  This is a fun little section of road, often very narrow, but very scenic.  Just as we were coming back to 101 to cross the Rogue River into town, you could see a huge number of boats.  There is apparently a derby underway, with plenty of participants.

Boats in the Rogue River
Probably the most interesting moment of the day came after we were in at the motel.  My old friend Herb Schon, now almost 81 (but with perhaps less sense than he was born with) went to the beach for a swim with Leo Anderson.  Here they both are.

Herb heads in as Leo watches
Tomorrow we cross the border in to California, with a day off planned in Crescent City. 

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