Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ride the West Day 4 - Florence to Bandon

Daily statistics
Mileage:  77.8
Vertical Gain:  4322 feet
Calories Burned:  2541

Link to Garmin Route Data

I don't have a lot of nice photos to show for today.  When we got to Oregon Dunes state park, it was still completely socked in.  I didn't take a photo until we got to the first SAG, at the Umpqua River lighthouse. 

Umpqua River Lighthouse
From here, it was basically all Highway 101 for about 18 miles.  We came to a bridge coming in to North Bend, which we had been told we would have to walk the bikes over.  No sign said that, and there was a button to push to turn on warning lights that bikes were on the bridge, so I pushed the button and rode over.

Our second SAG was in the town of Charleston, where I rediscovered my friend Charlie the tuna, who was there 4 years ago.

Right after the SAG, we made a turn on Seven Devils Road.  This immediately puts you in a steep climb (I was told as much as 14%) for a mile or so.  While I was still on the steep section, I came across 3 deer, but couldn't get the camera in the proper setting fast enough, so I can't show you.  They didn't seem too worried about me.  Once you get the initial grade behind you, the next ten miles or so are fun rollers.

When I got to Bandon, I was delighted to find my room has a great view of the harbor.

View from my room at  Bandon Inn
Hopefully we will have better weather tomorrow.  We only cover 56 miles, so it shouldn't be too bad.

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