Friday, September 7, 2012

Ride the West Day 6 - Gold Beach to Crescent City

Daily Statistics
Mileage:  61.0
Vertical Gain:  3006 feet
Calories Burned:  1863

Link to Garmin Route Data

Today was a huge success!  This is not to say we had beautiful weather, because we didn't.  When I did this trip four years ago, this day was completely socked in.  I told Mike Munk he had to make sure I could see Arch Rock.  I certainly could as the photo below will attest.  Most of the other good stuff was also very visible.

Arch Rock on right
Arch Rock is about 15 miles into the ride, after going up and over a climb of 3 miles shortly out of the motel of 4 to 6 % grade.  That is about what I like.  More, and gravity starts to win where I am concerned.  At 4 or 5 % I can go on just about as long as I need to.

Shortly after Arch Rock, I pulled off for the Natural Bridges viewpoint, and was again successful.

Natural Bridges

We then crossed the Thomas Creek bridge, which at 365 feet is the highest in the state.  I also went down a steep and wet path for Whaleshead Rock, but found it fairly disappointing.  The Rock House viewpoint had great views, but none of us could figure out what was supposed to be Rock House.  I should include a photo that is more typical of the foggy views of the day.

At any rate, we proceeded on to the town of Brookings for our SAG stop.  Barbara Munk was disappointed the bakery she had been looking forward to was closed.

About midway through the ride, we crossed the California border.  They quickly routed us off 101 onto Ocean View Drive, which made a lovely way to go.  Nice little rollers and almost no traffic are a great combination.  I stopped and had some blackberries, but they weren't as good as some I had in Oregon, so I moved on.  The scenery included farmland like this photo shows.

We continued in to Crescent City on mostly back roads.  I road the last 15 or 20 miles with Gary Weinstein, who is always very interesting company.  We have a day off tomorrow, and 5 new riders joining the group.  We lose one (Margo Addison, who is part of the North ride group).  I am not sure what I can find to do in Crescent City, so may watch a lot of football.  The rides starting Sunday are beautiful, but have a ton of climbing.

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