Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ride the West Day 10 - Garberville to Fort Bragg

Daily Statistics
Mileage:  68.83
Vertical Gain:  5718 feet
Calories burned:  6344/2703

Link to Garmin Route Data

Today was a pretty tough day.  Lots of climbing, a little headwind, but another day of great scenery along the way.

We left Garberville, getting on and off 101 as side roads allowed.  We were on Benbow Drive for  about 4 miles, and Rte 271 for almost 6 miles.  I have borrowed the following photo from Jeff Douglas, to illustrate what the scene looked like leaving Garberville.

Jeff Douglas photo leaving Garberville
The first SAG was across the road from Standish Hickey campground at 23 miles in to the ride.  Less than two miles later, we left 101 for good as we exited on Hwy 1 for Fort Bragg.  This was also the start of our first major climb, about 4 miles at roughly 6% grade.  The good news is the weather was good, the road had minimal traffic, and the scenery was good.  Here is a view of a typical scene.

Scenery on Highway 1
Almost 46 miles in to the ride, the Pacific Ocean appeared as we descended.  The views along the coast were great.  Barbara Munk said it was the best weather along the coast since the first year they did this ride (which I think was 11 years ago).  Here is a picture of John and Chris Aylward along the coast.  They are a father/son team from back east.

John Aylward front, Chris Aylward following
Here are a couple of other scenes along the over 20 mile ride along the ocean to Fort Bragg.

Scenes along Hwy 1 coast to Fort Bragg
All in all, it was a fine, but demanding day on the road.  I will close with a photo dedicated to my Ocosta friends.  I went through the Westport they have here in California.  It advertised the best beach on the Mendocino coast.  I must say it was nice.

The Westport, California sign
Tomorrow is advertised as the biggest climbing day of the trip.  After today, I hope I have enough left to get through.  This is a pretty good bunch of riders, so they will probable do well.

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