Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AAN Day 17 - Dubois to Riverton, WY

Daily Statistics:
Mileage: 83.1 miles Average Speed: 16.7 mph
Vertical: 1514 feet Depart: 6:46 AM Arrive: 12:20 PM
Calories: 5087

Today started out a little chilly and cold for the group. It was probably around 40 degrees at departure in Dubois. Most of the folks had most of the cycling gear they brought on. I even broke out my arm warmers and long fingered gloves for the first, and hopefully, the last time. Only Ian Peden, our Scot, rode bare sleeved, and even he admitted it was pretty cold. I did shed the gear at the first SAG, as it had warmed enough by then.
We started by going back up the route about 2 miles to have breakfast. There are not a lot of options in Dubois for a group our size. Almost half the group went on their own, trying to get a jump on things. I wound up chasing them all down as the day wore on.
The scenery for the early portion was pretty good, with nice homes and pretty rock formations along the way.
We also have been following the Wind River since mid-yesterday. I always like have a good flowing stream along the way. We crossed a couple of times.
As you can see below, it is pretty open country, but this view from the second SAG shows we still had snow capped peaks off in the distance.

This is a typical scene as the riders get spread out, but sometimes keep small groups. Here are Margo Addison, Bob Shaw, and Tom Zack going up a small grade.

Much of the last half looked like this from the seat of my stead. Mostly open road with very few cars, and lots of open spaces. Wyoming is not very populous.

Tomorrow is a long day (120 miles or so) into Casper, where we will have our second off day. I expect the last photo will represent much of our ride.

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