Tuesday, July 27, 2010

AAN Day 37 - Ludington to Mt Pleasant, MI

Daily Statistics:
Mileage: 113.1 miles Average Speed: 16.0 mph
Vertical: 3033 feet Depart: 6:32 AM Arrive: 2:10 PM
Calories: 7526

Link to Garmin ROUTE DATA

Today got off to an early start, with the change last evening to Eastern time. With the ferry's late arrival, and the time change, it seemed like a short night. The good news is we still felt the effect of Lake Michigan, which made the starting temperature very pleasant. We made our way out of town and out along some nice rural roads to the first SAG about 29 miles into the ride. Here we had a field by the SAG, and this one across the road that my agricultural experts tell me is asparagus. It makes a very interesting crop. You will also note that the fields are typically surrounded by woods, which makes the whole area very nice.

I quickly came to the little town of Biteville, and found this cute little Biteville Community Church. I also came across what looked like a one room schoolhouse earlier, but didn't stop to record it.
We also passed by several small to medium sized lakes. Many had woods along the road, but this had a cleared area to get a reasonable picture. I saw more lakes in Michigan today than in all of Minnesota.
The second SAG was just before the town of Big Rapids, which is the home of Ferris State. I believe Tim Glover from the Cross Country Challenge was at Ferris State, but I didn't realize it until too late to act. We were often on nice wooded road like you see here. I think my friend Jon Bradford can be proud of the impression his home turf has made so far.

We have a little shorter ride tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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