Tuesday, July 13, 2010

AAN Day 23 - Rapid City to Wall, SD

Daily Statistics:
Mileage: 57.8 miles Average Speed: 15.3 mph
Vertical: 2080 feet Depart: 8:05 AM Arrive: 12:05 PM
Calories: 3534

Link to Garmin ROUTE DATA

Today was a perfect day to recover from yesterday and rest for tomorrow. We left the hotel just after 8, with warmer temperatures (probably in the 70s), and made our way out of Rapid City on a circuitous route to avoid traffic. About 10 miles in, we got on highway 1416, a rural road with virtually no traffic that parallels I-90. We stayed on this for about 27 miles, rolling up and down through farmland, mostly hay fields. At this point, we entered I-90 for the remainder of the journey into Wall (about 20 miles). The first half, they had put the rumble strip well into the shoulder, leaving maybe a foot of clear pavement to ride in, so with the cross wind, it took a lot of concentration to stay on the road. This finally got better, and the last 10 miles or so were much easier. I took 0 pictures on the road, as I did not see anything worth shooting. I have showed rolling grasslands before, so no need to bore you.
When we got into town, I had to go visit the world famous Wall Drug. You may have seen one or more of their signs, as they are worldwide. They have even had one in space. I must admit it is quite a place, although finding where they sell drugs takes some doing. They have just about everything else, from food, ice cream, typical touristy junk, clothes, and you name it. It is worth the visit if you are in the area.
Bill Burkhart said I had to have my picture taken with the 6 foot bunny rabbit, so here is my picture with the 6 foot bunny rabbit.

Bill had also taken me through Sturgis, where preparations for the big motorcycle rally are in full swing, so I took this shot of a Sturgis banner in Wall Drug.

Tomorrow should be a full day as we have 117 miles to Pierre.

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Dave said...

You and the bunny make a cute couple!!

I went to Mount Rushmnore when I was in the Air Force, I think it was in 1988, when I was 23. You've got me thinking I should take my family back though those wonderful parts of America. But so far, none of us could do it on a bike. But, I have been jogging 3-6 miles per day lately. :)