Saturday, July 24, 2010

AAN Day 34 - Wisconsin Dells to Fond du Lac, WI

Daily Statistics:
Mileage: 83.9 miles Average Speed: 15.6 mph
Vertical: 2181 feet Depart: 7:02 AM Arrive: 12:45 PM
Calories: 5533

Link to Garmin ROUTE DATA

Today started ominously. It had rained all night, and was still drizzling when we walked over to Denny's for our Grand Slam breakfast. Fortunately, by the time we loaded, the rain disappeared, and although it threatened for much of the ride, it never came back. All we got was reduced temperatures and a nice overcast, which I can certainly take any time. Even at arrival in Fond du Lac, the temperature sign read 78.
As usual, we spent the day largely on back county roads, with minimal traffic and lots of nice surroundings. There was some water as we left Wisconsin Dells, but nothing too photogenic. We came to Buffalo Lake between Packwaukee and Montello, and, because it was Saturday morning, a number of folks were out fishing, as you can see here.

Our first SAG stop was at a very nice spot in Montello. There was a small pond with geese and small waterfalls. I think it is all artificial, but it was still a nice spot for a break.

I have been feeling I should show my brother, John Paul, a few of the old churches along the way, but have not been doing so. Here is a Catholic church in Princeton, but it could have been one of the Lutheran or Baptist ones I saw from the same era. This is obviously how folks then thought a church should look.

I also took this shot of a typical Wisconsin farm along the way in to town. The farms here have been generally smaller, with a lot more trees in evidence everywhere. Every farm house is in a small stand of trees, and the fields are also often surrounded by a stand of trees.

I took a bike path, which was mostly a dirt road for about 7 of the last 10 miles to the hotel. It was OK, but with the recent rains, a ton of dirt stuck to my tires and bike, and took a lot of work to get off when I got in. It stuck like dried cement. At any rate, once the bike and I were cleaned up, a group of us rewarded ourselves with a trip to Gilley's for ice cream. Here you can see the car hop girl taking orders from the group. All in all, it was not a very tough day on the road, as the riding was good, and the conditions excellent.

Tomorrow should be a short day into our ferry stop!

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