Thursday, July 29, 2010

AAN Day 39 - Birch Run to Port Huron, MI

Daily Statistics:
Mileage: 87.7 miles Average Speed: 16.5 mph
Vertical: 1474 feet Depart: 7:03 AM Arrive: 12:52 PM
Calories: 5900

Link to Garmin ROUTE DATA

Today was a great day to be on the bike! It was probably just in the high 50s when we departed, and was still only 72 when we arrived. Much more the way I like it than the 82 at departure we had yesterday. The route took us on the usual country roads. I came across the first vineyard I have seen in Michigan. I am told we have wineries in every state, but haven't always seen the evidence.

Our first SAG was early in the ride (only 26 miles in) at an artesian well site. The water was good for drinking, and it was a nice spot. We had the usual assortment of small towns, including Millington, Brown City, and Yale. The second SAG was at a nice park in Yale. The following picture is about as typical as the scenes from today get. The Michigan farm with either soybeans or corn, a barn, and a few trees to boot.

One of the things we have seen is a lot of campaign signs. As I was coming in to Port Huron, I found this one. I didn't even know Jim Downey had a Michigan residence, and here he is running for the court. I couldn't resist documenting this. I wonder if it is a relative.
We ran along Lakeshore Drive for several miles, catching frequent glimpses of Lake Huron. I took a little detour at the end to get a good look at the Blue Water Bridge over the St Clair River into Ontario. We will make our way there tomorrow. The shot is looking under the bridge towards Lake Huron.


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