Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 10 - Garberville to Fort Bragg

Daily Statistics:
Rode 70.1 miles and burned 5645 calories.
Left the hotel at 8:03 and arrived at 1:47.

We started out the day alternating between short stretches on highway 101 and sideroads that ran near it. We were in trees and cool weather most of the day. A lot of the towns have shops that sell redwood chain saw carvings. At a place called Confusion Hill about 18 miles into the ride, I took this shot of a chain saw carved totem.

Our first SAG stop was at a store by a state park called Standish Hickey. Most of the crew was stripping off their heavy gear in preparation for the climb up Leggett Hill. I couldn't resist taking this picture of Craig Chandler (52) and Dan Hannigan (49) in their matching flamingo jerseys. Craig and Dan met on the cross country ride in the mid-90s, and have stayed in touch ever since, even though Craig lives in CA and Dan in MA. They decided to get back together for this ride. They love to stop at interesting sights and take a lot of pictures. I saw Craig taking pictures of cows yesterday, and asked about it. He said his daughter loves cows, and always wants him to take pictures of them.

Leaving the SAG, we soon turned off 101 onto highway 1, where we would spend the rest of the day. The first item of interest was a ride up Leggett Hill, which got us to an elevation of about 1963 feet, the highest we have been by far on the ride so far (I think we get about that again tomorrow). It seemed to me a little tougher grade than Mt Lemmon for the first couple of miles, then wasn't too bad to the top. Many of the folks had left their warm gear with the SAG van, and found the 10 mile trip down the hill pretty chilly. I even thought about putting my arm warmers on. At any rate, about 46 or 47 miles in, we were back at the Pacific. I took this shot looking south towards Fort Bragg at about 11:30, and you can see we weren't in the sun, but the shore was pretty. I think the weather is why there aren't a billion people living up here.

The second SAG was at a state park about 3 miles down the coast. At any rate, the road just rolled up and down along the beach for the last 30 miles, taking us through tiny towns of Westport, Inglenook, and Cleone, before we came into Fort Bragg. Tomorrow, we head back inland.

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