Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 15 - San Francisco to Santa Cruz

Daily Statistics:
Rode 84.9 miles and burned 4825 calories.
Left the hotel at 8:12 and arrived at 1:58.

I stayed fairly focused today on the objective of arriving early in Santa Cruz. My daughter Kristin lives here, and I wanted to have the opportunity to spend some time with her. As a result, I passed on a number of outstanding photo opportunities as we made our way out of San Francisco. The first 20 miles were pretty challenging, as we had to get up and over a number of good climbs to get out of the city and onto highway 1. The day started a little overcast, but I thought riding conditions were perfect. Lots to see, but no time to stop.
We zipped through a number of small towns such as Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, and Montara before reaching the first SAG in Moss Beach. From there we moved through El Grenada and Half Moon Bay, as well as a series of state beaches and parks. It was beautiful riding, but I was focused. When I got to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, I thought I better have something to show for the day, so took the following shot.

The second SAG was set for 56 miles in to the ride at Gazos Creek, but Ron and I got there well ahead of our support, and pushed on through without a stop. I slowed long enough to take the following shot for my good friend Steve Davenport. It may be named for relatives.

The route sheet brought us into Santa Cruz by way of West Cliff Drive, which is a very lovely road. I was ahead of plan enough that I stopped for the following shot looking toward the surf museum in the old lighthouse. From there it was on to the motel. I found Ron along the boardwalk, where he had had a nasty encounter with some railroad tracks. He had some scrapes, but mostly to his pride.

I had made my goal of arriving in time to attend Kristin's soccer game. She is playing in a recreational league with what seemed a very nice team. She played very well, but the team wound up on the losing end of a 2-1 score. She is shown here in full action on the field.

She was able to join us for dinner and ice cream, and then took me over to her apartment, which I had yet to see. She has a very tidy little place just off downtown. All in all, a very nice day.

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