Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 8 - Crescent City to Eureka

Daily Statistics:
Rode 84.7 miles and burned 6165 calories.
Left the hotel at 8:04 and arrived at 3:16.

After a fine day off doing laundry and watching football, we left the hotel in the usual fog and gloom of the last couple of days. Mike had warned us if it was like Saturday, we wouldn't be allowed to ride the first descent, as it would be just too dangerous in the fog. Fortunately, it was good enough to go, although a number of the folks found it a little chilly.
The initial 24 miles were on highway 101, with the Trees of Mystery at 14.6. I stopped and took this picture of Paul Bunyan and Babe. Dan and Craig were there, and Paul was having a good time playing with them. They have someone providing a voice who has a good view of the area. He had great one liners, and used them liberally on Dan and Craig.

At about 24 miles, we left 101 for the Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway, through the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. It was great riding. The first SAG was at a spot called Big Tree Park. The photo of me shows that it is in fact a big tree. Right after the SAG we went through a large meadow area where elk are supposedly regularly present. Karen had briefed she had never failed to see elk going through there. Unfortunately, there were no elk today when we went by.

After leaving this are, we had another 19 mile stint on 101 before leaving for Patricks Point Drive. Ron and I stopped just before the SAG for lunch at a little restaurant where it said the town was a drinking town with a fishing problem. Anyway, it was a good lunch, and we were on our way. Mike came by as we were almost there and took a photo that shows that while overcast all day, you could in fact see the water today.

Coming into Eureka, we spent some time on the Hammond Trail bike path, before returning to 101 for the final miles into town. As I was entering old town Eureka, I came upon the Ingomar Club (see below), which was the former home of a lumber baron. It makes a pretty impressive sight, and must have been quite the place in its heyday.

I finally arrived at the motel mid-afternoon, and Barbara came in almost immediately with the luggage. After showering and route rap, we made our way to a little barbeque place for dinner. All in all, another great day to be on the road on a bike.

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