Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 21 - Solvang to Oxnard

Daily Statistics:
Rode 81.6 miles and burned 4657 calories.
Left the motel at 7:49 and arrived at 2:06.

Today was another great day to be on the bike. We left Solvang and were quickly headed up highway 154 towards San Marcos Pass. About 10 miles in, we came upon Lake Cachuma. I am familiar with it from my early days in the AF, and was happy to see it was at one of the highest levels I have seen.
At 18 miles, we turned off onto Stagecoach Road, headed for the old Cold Springs Tavern. I had spent a number of nice weekend afternoons here when at Vandenberg, so was anxious to get a shot here. Ron and I asked a very nice lady to take our photo, and she used each of our cameras to take the shot. Unfortunately, neither of us checked the results, and when we got in, found that neither of us had a picture. So instead, you will get a picture of the bridge we went under to get there, which is a pretty neat feature of engineering.
After the SAG shortly after the tavern, we finished the ascent up over the pass, and were sent down Kinevan Road. This is a very narrow, well shaded, and extremely windy descent from the top for about a mile. We then took 154 down to San Marcos Road, which is a wider, better paved, but still very windy and very steep descent to Santa Barbara. We wound our way down to the beach in Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, it was fairy foggy for much of the way, so I didn't get any great shots. We made our way through the small towns of Summerland, Carpinteria, Sea Cliff, and others to Ventura, and finally Oxnard. I did take a shot of the boat harbor in Oxnard.
After dinner, we had a fun tee shirt swap. With just two days to go, we will have our farewell banquet tomorrow evening in Marina del Rey. Sara has joined me for the last couple of days, so it should be fun.

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