Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 17 - Carmel Valley to King City

Daily Statistics:
I am only estimating today. Had problems turning on my Forerunner 305, so will use the 56 miles from the cue sheet as mileage, no calorie estimate.
Left the hotel at 8:05 and arrived at 1:02.

Today was a lovely day to ride again. We left the neat lodge we had stayed in, and headed on up the Carmel Valley. The road wound up the valley steadily for just over 19 miles, with a short section of a pretty demanding climb of a couple of miles. The terrain is pretty well captured in the photo below. If you look carefully, you can see a cyclist on the road ahead. We were in and out of the live oaks as we made our way.
I was most fortunate to come on a flock of wild turkeys in the road just in front of me as I came around a turn. By the time I was able to marshal my camera and get a shot, they had moved into the field, but you can get a pretty good idea of the group. We had our one and only SAG at 18.1 miles in (this was probably a reasonable estimate of the half way in effort point). We topped out at 19.3, and headed down the Arroyo Seco valley.
As we moved down the valley, we came upon more vineyards. In spots like the one shown here, the grapes seemed to go on forever.
The route stayed on Monterey County Road G16 until we were about 3 miles past the town of Greenfield. While I was having lunch at a little Mexican restaurant in Greenfield, I started pushing combinations of buttons on my Forerunner 305, and suddenly it was turning on. I was relieved, although I had lost about 42 miles of the ride. Three miles past Greenfield, we turned on county road G15 for the final 10 miles into King City. We rode through King City to the motel. Mike ran a great flat tire clinic, where I picked up several great pointers for future use. Tomorrow is supposed to have some tough climbs, so see you then.

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