Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 20 - Santa Maria to Solvang

Daily Statistics:
Rode 40.5 miles and burned 2044 calories.
Left the hotel at 9:07 and arrived at 12:45.

Today will be pretty short and sweet. We had a short day scheduled, so I decided to ride with Mike and his wife and Marie from New York. I stayed with them until the SAG at 20 miles. The route was essentially Foxen Canyon Road until about 7 miles to the motel, when we turned onto Ballard Canyon Road. I am told Foxen is a key part of the Solvang Century.
At any rate, we were in more salad ingredient farming country for the first 10 miles or so, and then the farming was largely grapes, and wineries dominated. We stopped for refreshment at the Sisquoc store, which is a county historic landmark (but for sale). I was most impressed at the SAG. Paul Trent's wife Annie was there, and some friends of theirs out for a drive stopped by. She introduced the four of us by name, without any hesitation. Most impressive.
After the SAG, I rode ahead by myself, eventually catching Team Flamingo (Dan and Craig) just as I arrived in town. I didn't take any pictures on the road today, as brown California hills and more agriculture didn't have any real appeal. I took the one shot in town to show the Danish motif the town carries throughout.
It was quite warm as I made my way around town waiting for the room to be ready. We make our way over San Marcos Pass tomorrow on our way to Santa Barbara and beyond. I hope we leave early!

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