Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 18 - King City to Paso Robles

Daily Statistics:
Rode 62.7 miles and burned 3414 calories.
Left the hotel at 7:24 and arrived at 12:34.

Today was one tough day. We had a number of tough climbs, and two in particular of the 10% grade sustained for over a mile. It was also much warmer than it has been, as we were inland. The route was nice, however. We stayed on country roads with very little traffic. We left King City on county road G-14 and stayed on it virtually the whole way. As these things work out, the first part when it was pretty chilly was along stretches much like you see here, where we were shaded by nice live oak. Of course later in the morning, as it got hotter, there was no shade to be found.
We passed by the entrance to Fort Hunter Liggett about 18 miles in, and stayed along it for several miles. I happened upon some of the troops out getting a little shooting practice, and took the following shot of them at work. From there it was just a couple of miles to the SAG in Lockwood 24 miles in.
After the SAG, it was just up and down the hills until Lake Nacimiento. I took this shot when we were still well above the lake. We eventually wound up at lake level, as the road goes across the dam that makes the lake. From there it was just more up and down until Paso Robles. The old legs didn't have much left in them when I got here. We are in a very nice Holiday Inn Express, so I should rest good. We have a long day into Santa Maria tomorrow.

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