Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 5 - Bandon to Gold Beach

Daily Statistics:
Rode 58 miles and burned 3514 calories.
Left the hotel at 8:10 and arrived at 12:43

Today started very nicely, with the sun shining in Bandon and the temperature in the low 50's. We headed up the road, and quickly got to our first photo opportunity, the Face Rock Wayside. I never did figure out which rock was Face Rock, but am providing one of the scenic views of this beach.

Moving on down the road, I came across a couple of cranberry bogs. As my Ocosta High School readers know, these were very common from my youth, but unless I go home, I rarely see one. Here is one for those of you who don't know how they grow. The bonus is you can see me (shadow) taking the picture.

A couple of miles before the SAG at Port Orford, the fog rolled in, and pretty much stayed with us the rest of the ride. The SAG was at Battlerock. The signs said it was named for a battle in 1851 between a band of Indians and some soldiers who had landed, and were pinned down on the small island. They eventually escaped and returned with many more soldiers and eventually removed the Indians. Not exactly fair, but that was the way it went. I have no pictures, because all fog banks look the same.

We stayed in the fog the rest of the way to Gold Beach, except for a brief stretch when we went inland behind Humbug Mountain. I knew the ocean was out there, but could take no real pictures, so you will not get any.

After we got in, Ron, Boaz, and I stopped at the Porthole restaurant for lunch. This was a nice little spot recommended by the desk clerk at the motel. Mike then ran a very informative bike care class, before route rap and dinner. Tomorrow looks fairly light, then it is a nice off day in Crescent City, CA. Yes, we will finally leave Oregon tomorrow. See you then.

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